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Independant, full-service oversight, legacy growth & preservation

Carlson Fiduciary Services

Carlson Fiduciary brings decades of experience and careful curation of principled professional advisors to deliver oversight, management, and personalized legacy preservation and growth for our high net-worth individual, family-business, and family-trust clients.

Our sovereignty from the professionals, products, and markets utilized on behalf of our clients means conflicts of interest are eliminated. Conflict-free guidance means we are unencumbered to actively supervise and help direct the management and growth of our client’s wealth, freeing their time to pursue richer life experiences while maintaining confidence and accountability with their assets.


After long career of prosecuting actions against professionals for self-dealing and ineptitude, Carlson Fiduciary shifted its focus to helping high net-worth clients avoid the pitfalls inherent in professional representation and asset management. With this perspective, we have developed a network of principled advisors who approach their trade with elevated professionalism with supervision and review, consistent with our client’s goals and interests.


Our track record includes more than simple oversight of the professionals working to protect and grow our client’s wealth. For clients who desire active management, we scrutinize asset performance and personally direct rebuilding where needed. In many cases, we have found and corrected underperformance, including successful revitalization of a 130-room hotel in the heart of one of the United State’s top ten largest cities, renegotiation and management of a major metropolitan parking lot contract, and repurposing of underutilized high-value real estate, to name a few.

We have also identified latent exposures to our client’s and their assets and, in concert with our clients and professional team, implemented strategies eliminating, reducing, or shifting liabilities, including complex tax and estate strategies, irrevocable life insurance trusts, and retention of contractors where possible to avoid employment-related costs and exposures.

We bring broad experience in assisting our clients in the routine necessities of life, such as acquisition and management of real estate and confidential harmonization of divergent intra-family interests. It is common in high net-worth families that the first step is hearing out family members and establishing lines of communication between them via our team.

Market Leading Expertise

Our clients benefit from our rigorous vetting and exploration of time-tested and cutting-edge strategies being implemented in all fields bearing upon their financial, personal, family, and legacy interests. Examples include retail and commercial assets, commercial and residential real estate, investment portfolios, and tax and estate planning.

Utilizing our experience and supervision, in combination with our exceptional team of professional advisors, we have increased the efficiency of our client’s profit-generating assets by identifying and eliminating waste, streamlining corporate operations, and shifting liabilities to third parties.

Wealth Transfer Expertise

Due to estate and other tax issues, as well as the realities inherent in an expanding class of next-generation beneficiaries, large estates are typically greatly diminished as assets transfer from one generation to the next.

With proper management and planning, these estate reductions can be minimized, allowing for the maximum retention and distribution of hard-earned wealth.

Carlson Fiduciary stays on the cutting edge of wealth preservation strategies through close supervision and interaction with professionals in the various fields employed to protect our clients’ assets

Cutting-Edge, Tailored Solutions

Since our foundation, we have been at the forefront of the industry and playing an active role in its evolution. Our independence and intimate attention foster creation of cutting-edge, customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We provide personalized service and devotion which large corporate trustees fail to deliver, and at a far better price. We achieve this in part by limiting our family offices to no more than a handful of families.

Why we limit – we develop personal and close relationships with our families and their many members. We believe excellent service requires attention that cannot be provided when high volume limits relationships that are developed with the families we work for.

Unlike our large institutional competitors, our intimate approach is active and hands on. When needed, we can personally evaluate asset performance down to the ground level employees. We have discovered executive abuse and rebuilt corporate teams with vetted professionals committed to a higher level of professionalism.